Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first post...

Howdy y'all!

This is my first attempt at a post on my new blog. Please be patient as I try to figure out exactly how to do it and how to organize my blog website. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I quickly discover computers are not my strong suit. Now, give me fabric and I can create a beautiful wreath or ornament but until I can create a computer wreath...yikes!

I am a stay home mom who loves to craft! I divide my time between 2 school age boys who are sports-a-holics which equates to hours of running them to and from practices and sporting events, trying desperately to maintain my home, and of course my true passion- creating wreaths and ornaments for my ever growing customer base.

Currently I have 2 wreaths to ship, and 4 to create. I am waiting for the electricians who are working on our new outdoor kitchen to be done so I can run to fabric store and grab some much needed supplies. While I wait - I blog :) Since I now see them hosing off their workspace, they must be done (or looking for a free perm).

I will blog later and post pix of my newest wreaths and ornaments. I look forward to sharing my crazy wreathing days with you.

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